Triumfant Delivers Zero-Day Malware Protection

Triumfant Resolution Manager lets users stop unknown desktop threats, reverse changes after attacks

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Triumfant’s anti-malware solution provides organizations with protection from zero-day attacks. Until now, traditional anti-virus solutions have been ineffective at identifying zero-day attacks. Triumfant uses proprietary technology to monitor for malicious changes on the desktop, protecting against the vast majority of both known and unknown threats.

“By nature, any security solution that only looks for known threats is always going to fall behind the attacks, which is why Triumphant takes an entirely different approach, using granular change detection to monitor modifications on the desktop,” said Jim Ivers, Triumfant’s chief marketing officer. “As attacks continue to become more prevalent and sophisticated, Triumfant provides our customers with the ability to quickly detect the attacks that evade signature based software and remediate the problem to stop the attack and repair the damage done to the computer.”

Triumfant Resolution Manager identifies unexpected changes and conditions in the desktop environment that indicate an attack. The program tracks and analyzes over 200,000 attributes for every computer including registry keys, security settings, port settings, and performance statistics. These attributes are collected into the Triumfant adaptive reference model that detects changes at the granular level of each machine and determines if these changes are normal to the computer population <em>or</em> an anomalous event consistent with the behaviors and structures of malicious applications. By looking for these changes rather than the actual malware, Triumfant can identify zero-day malware long before traditional signature-based anti-virus solutions are even looking for it.

When an attack is discovered, Triumfant identifies the components of the suspected malware, the threat level it represents, and initiates a remediation to remove the malicious code. Triumfant then goes beyond the traditional anti-malware approach of just removing the offending program, and actually cleans up all artifacts associated with the attack. By tracking a comprehensive set of machine attributes, Triumfant is able to conduct holistic and surgical remediation, ensuring that the there are no vulnerabilities created by altered configuration settings, open ports, or other damage.

Triumfant Resolution Manager also monitors an organization’s desktops to make sure that all security policies and controls are enforced across the organization and that endpoint security software is properly installed and configured as well as operational. Triumfant closes a critical gap in the perimeter by detecting the threats that evade traditional signature based security software. The unique capabilities of the Triumfant platform make it a critical last line of defense.

Triumfant Resolution Manager is available now. For more information, visit

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