Updated Elementool Test Case Manager Increases User Flexibility, Customization

Helps ensure that each test case is completed in an efficient and timely manner

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Elementool Inc. today released Test Case version 1.1, the newest tool in its suite of software-as-a-service project management applications. 

In software and application development, an inefficient testing process can lead to releasing products with bugs that haven’t yet been found. In real time systems used by banks, hospitals, and airlines, releasing software that contains bugs can cause severe damage to a company’s reputation and to the people that rely on these software systems. 

Elementool’s Test Case 1.1 allows testing managers to customize the tool to best organize, control, and oversee the testing process.  These updates give the testing manager great control over the tool and its functions, allowing them to focus on ensuring that each test case is completed in an efficient and timely manner and no bugs slip between the cracks.

New features include:

  • File attachments: the ability to attach files to test cases allows for further clarification of instructions, functions, and steps in the test case and individual tests

  • Remarks: a new remarks message board lets team members share information quickly and access results or questions from previous tests

  • Customizable test form: enables the administrator or test case manager to change and add fields to the test form, altering the form on for different projects or teams; account administrators can now also clear the history in any field

  • Report customizations: users can customize the test report and choose filters and report columns to obtain only the specific data needed at that moment

  • Sub groups: lets users create sub groups within individual tests to add further clarification to the process

Test Case 1.1 adds customization and depth, working to further streamline the software testing process from creating a test and defining steps and procedure to prioritizing tests.  Using Test Case 1.1, project managers can assign test cases to team members, track test progress, activate e-mail notifications to individual users regarding assignments, and generate test-case reports. 

As with all Elementool SaaS tools, Test Case 1.1 can be accessed from any computer via a Web browser without downloading or installing any software.  An unlimited number of users can access Test Case online at any time.  

Pricing and subscripting information for Test Case and other Elementool products is available online at www.Elementool.com.

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