Diskeeper Releases Virtual Platform Performance Optimizer

Maximizes server speeds on Microsoft’s Hyper-V

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Diskeeper Corporation has officially shipped V-locity, a new virtual platform performance optimizer designed to maximize server speeds on Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

The Diskeeper product line is currently a VMware and Microsoft partner. V-locity is a virtual-specific product that performs defragmentation functions and synchronizes the complex and ongoing activity between host and multiple guest operating systems.

“The need to go beyond the scope of defragmentation was necessary,“ notes Diskeeper product manager Michael Materie, ”as when multiple systems share resources on a virtual platform, the ‘sharing’ among the VMs turns into competition among them for resources. This problem with VMs is fully addressed with our virtual optimizer.”

Materie says the product uses the company’s InvisiTasking processing technology to ensure zero resource conflict.

V-locity frees up vital storage resources by eliminating VHD “bloat” -- the wasted disk space that occurs when virtual disks are set to dynamically grow but don’t then shrink when users or applications remove data. V-locity actually compacts the VHD, thereby preventing waste and allowing IT Managers to better allocate their virtual storage resources.

Diskeeper was the first defragmenter certified for Hyper-V. Now V-locity is the ever virtual platform performance optimizer for the enterprise.

V-locity consists of two components:

  • V-locity Host is installed on Windows Server 2008 running Hyper-V
  • V-locity Guest is installed on Windows virtual machines

More information is available at www.diskeeper.com.

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