Sentilla Integrates Third-Party Devices, Consolidates Energy Information Across the Data Center

Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers Version 2.1 integrates all data center power for a comprehensive, facility-wide view of energy use

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Sentilla Corporation today introduced Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers Version 2.1. The product now integrates energy tracking and measuring information from multiple vendors across the data center infrastructure, including IT and physical facilities. In addition to providing a granular view of energy information at the equipment level, the release brings a consolidated view of power use of all the equipment in the data center. IT managers can now obtain all the energy information in the data center, whether from Sentilla’s Power Analysis Unit or other, third-party equipment, integrated in one standardized format for a single, combined view.

With the consolidated energy information, IT managers can set a baseline and establish power usage effectiveness (PUE), the first step in creating an energy reduction strategy in the data center. By integrating third-party device support, the solution is the first of its kind to feature a fully aggregated dashboard which IT managers can utilize to identify energy waste and reduce facility overhead costs. Sentilla is launching the Sentilla Energy Manager Version 2.1 directly as a result of customer and industry feedback.

According to Data Center Pulse (DCP), an exclusive group of global data center owners, operators and users, having standardized access to power usage information (preferably using SNMP) is one of the top ten challenges for data center and facilities managers trying to minimize unnecessary energy use and waste. Integration of energy information from multiple vendors’ equipment is key to creating a total facility energy profile, a critical tool in reducing carbon emissions and costs due to energy use.

The Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers Version 2.1 is immediately available. More information is available at

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