Illuminate Updates Correlation Database Technology that Automatically Designs, Builds Data Warehouses

Version 4.0 offers fast performance, low cost of ownership from low deployment costs and near-zero maintenance

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Illuminate Solutions has released an update to its iLuminate correlation database technology, iimproving speed in the areas most important to customers: time to analytics, time to answer, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Time to analytics -- the time it takes to design, build, integrate, and deliver raw data in a usable form for analysis and exploration – can be measured with load-speed metrics. With iLuminate 4.0, customers can deploy a completely optimized, 100 percent flexible data warehouse or data mart of nearly any size in one-tenth the total time and cost (or less). No physical database design or optimization techniques are needed -- the technology creates a data-generated data model on the fly while loading data. When the load is complete, the data is ready for train-of-thought user analysis. iLuminate 4.0 load-speed is comparable to or faster than every other vendor’s when customer usability requirements are considered.

Time to answer -- the time it takes from the moment a user begins to analyze an issue to the time the user has the answer needed to make a decision – can be measured by query speed. With iLuminate 4.0, users can do train-of-thought analysis from the moment they determine a need until they get the answer. All data is indexed for user access and gives them never-before-seen query types to explore data without hitting the limits of fixed data model structures that require IT intervention for the analysis to continue. iLuminate query performance is clocked at 20x faster or more than column databases such as Sybase IQ and Vertica, and up to 60x faster than relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and Netezza.

TCO is the combination of hardware, software, and labor for implementation and ongoing maintenance of an analytics system. With iLuminate 4.0, no physical design, programming, or optimization is required, and labor costs are a small fraction of the implementation costs of other products. iLuminate also offers near-zero maintenance costs in two ways: 1) all data is indexed and available so no IT projects are required to keep the system relevant and 2) new data sources are integrated and indexed on the fly during the load process, eliminating the need for re-architecting and optimizing the system.

New iLuminate 4.0 features include:

  • 64-bit architecture that allows for nearly unlimited scalability and faster query performance

  • Enhanced multithreading provides a larger number of users with simultaneous database access

  • Web services architecture allows for managed services and cloud deployments

  • LDAP/Active Directory-based users and privileges management and plugs into customers’ existing production environments

  • Public APIs (Java, .Net, C++) enable easy development of custom analytic applications

Detailed query performance results and pricing information are available at the company’s Web site:

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