New Smartdiff Technology Squeezes Space from SQL Server Backups

Doubles storage savings in Quest Software's LiteSpeed for SQL Server

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Quest Software, Inc. today unveiled SmartDiff, an innovative, patent-pending technology built into the latest version of its market-leading backup and recovery solution, LiteSpeed for SQL Server. With SmartDiff, LiteSpeed for SQL Server‘s compression ratio today jumps from 20:1 up to 40:1, providing powerful SQL backup compression that is comparable to storing more than a terabyte of data on a single USB thumb drive. The result is a unique backup and recovery approach, unmatched in flexibility, that greatly reduces backup times, creates a significantly smaller storage footprint, and maintains a high level of recoverability.

Current backup and recovery best practices involve conducting full database backups every night in preparation for disaster recovery scenarios. Because only a small percentage of an organization’s data changes on a daily basis, full database backups are inefficient. Incremental backups require more time and resources than necessary. SmartDiff reduces backup size so substantially that backup times can literally go from hours to minutes, while providing huge storage savings.

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