Concentric Debuts Cloud-based Backup Service for SMBs

Managed Backup service provides SMBs with secure, reliable, affordable protection of critical business data

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Concentric today introduced of Concentric Managed Backup. The new hosted service provides small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with an advanced, affordable, and scalable data backup and recovery solution. Concentric Managed Backup addresses the challenges of explosive data growth while helping solve critical business problems including regulatory compliance, disaster recovery, and data protection for local and remote offices.

Research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) estimates annual data growth at 50 to 60 percent per year for many organizations. The inability to keep pace with data growth is putting increased pressure on already-strained backup windows and/or recovery objectives. In a survey of North American medium-sized businesses, ESG found that “internal pressure to reduce overall costs of doing business” ranked second in factors impacting IT infrastructure decisions. Businesses are also faced with increasing compliance regulations that involve data retention. Not meeting requirements can lead to penalties, legal sanctions, or damaged company reputation.

Concentric Managed Backup, powered by EVault backup and recovery technology from i365 (a Seagate company), is an online, disk-to-disk solution providing 24x7 data protection and recovery without the need for additional investment in network or backup infrastructure. Concentric Managed Backup eliminates the inadequacies, inconvenience, and expense associated with tape backup by providing faster backups and recoveries, and addresses offsite data protection for regulatory compliance and disaster recovery.

Concentric Managed Backup delivers state-of-the-art automated online backup and recovery services using proprietary, patent-pending technology to optimize performance and decrease storage footprint. Only new and changed data at the block level is compressed, encrypted, and transmitted offsite to one of Concentric’s secure data centers where it is further de-duplicated. Customers can easily access, manage, and restore data through an easy–to-use Web interface that simplifies data protection and frees IT staff to focus on other business critical applications.

Managed Backup Features and Benefits

Concentric Managed Backup provides secure and reliable data backup and recovery from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes. With a wide breadth of operating systems and applications support, Concentric Managed Backup can easily backup and recover data on servers, applications, desktops, and notebooks. With data safely stored off-site in world-class data centers, Managed Backup is more reliable than tape back-up and makes restoring data a simple process.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Affordable: Enterprise features and benefits at SMB prices, lowered administrative, infrastructure, and operational costs, reduced downtime costs, IT resources freed to pursue other priorities

  • Efficient: Easy-to-use and powerful Web-based administration offers greater convenience, higher reliability, and lower costs compared to tape backup

  • Manageable: U.S.-based customer service and support, complementary Hosted IT and connectivity solutions

  • Comprehensive Platform Support including, Novell, NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM, AIX, IBM i and VMWare, as well as application support including Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Cluster Services, Oracle, and other applications

  • Secure: FIPS-approved AES encryption secures data from the moment it leaves customer systems; only customers have the password to unlock their own data.

Concentric Managed Backup is available now. More information is available at or by calling (866) 500-9696.

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