RNA Networks Expands Memory Virtualization Technology with RNAcache

Software conquers memory limitations, transparently shares memory to boost application performance

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RNA networks, a memory virtualization software provider, has extended its Memory Virtualization Platform (MVP) product family by releasing RNAcache which allows servers to share pools of memory so applications can load entire working datasets into a single shared, virtual memory pool for simultaneous access and processing. RNAcache lowers the cost of supporting business-critical, memory-intensive applications without requiring additional investments in data center equipment.

Broadly applicable to a variety of industries, RNAcache provides line-speed processing of the most memory-intensive and I/O-bound applications including predictive analytics and modeling, high-volume Internet applications, and clustered environments without requiring changes to applications, operating systems, or storage.

The analytic models that took 1.5 hours to run at an investment management firm took just a few minutes to complete when RNAcache was used, a 1,728 percent performance improvement. The application used RNA’s unlimited memory pool to hold a working dataset of 3 TB across hundreds of compute nodes.

RNAcache: Analytics, Simultaneous Users, Clusters, and Clouds

RNAcache works in all fabric environments including GbE, 10GbE, and InfiniBand. RNAcache removes data-center bottlenecks caused by contention for application memory, the most scarce and limited resource in the data center. During customer testing, RNAcache significantly enhanced performance resulted in:

  • Improved predictive modeling capabilities by 20X, delivering results to analysts in a fraction of the time

  • improved query speed by a factor of 100, increased simultaneous user capacity fivefold, and expanded customer revenue opportunities each business day, validation that RNAcache is well suited to high-volume, fast Internet applications

  • Accelerated processing rates by 30X at a high-performance cloud provider without having to scale out their hardware, power, or space footprint

The rate of proliferation and amount of data that must be quickly analyzed, shared, and interpreted is growing exponentially. RNAcache makes the benefits of memory virtualization widely available to customers who rely on access, performance, and scale to remain competitive for such tasks as video streaming or algorithmic model processing.

More information is available at www.rnanetworks.com.

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