Bluenog Releases ICE 4.5 to Enterprise 2.0 Community

Fully integrated application development platform built on open source content management, collaboration, portal, and BI projects

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Bluenog has made available Bluenog ICE 4.5, an Enterprise 2.0 application development platform built on pre-integrated open source collaboration, content management, presentation, and reporting projects.

Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE) 4.5 is the new release of Bluenog’s flagship commercial product. The content management, portal, and business intelligence software now includes an Enterprise Wiki, secure group calendaring features, and enhanced centralized administration. ICE 4.5 aggregates functionality from over a dozen popular open source projects into a single commercial product, with additional integration and features, all supported by Bluenog. This pre-integration eliminates the need for developers to manually code features such as security permissions and access to legacy systems across all their applications.

Bluenog ICE 4.5 seamlessly integrates an Enterprise Wiki with its content management and portal development framework. Based on the popular JSPWiki open source project, ICE 4.5 allows users to easily create and share content through an intuitive portal interface. Stored in a secure, enterprise-wide repository, all Wiki pages can be readily searched, with access permissions defined at the Wiki and page level.

ICE 4.5 also introduces an enterprise group calendaring application based on the widely used open source project, Bedework. Bluenog has extended Bedework with secure, restricted access to calendars based on user, group, and role.

New and noteworthy in ICE 4.5 is ICE Central. This central administrative console includes an improved interface for handling user groups and permissions across ICE’s CMS and Portal components. Additionally, its propagation tool enables bulk import/export of ICE CMS Content Types and Content Data assets.

Said Suresh Kuppusamy, chief executive officer of Bluenog, “Now, for less than the cost of a full-time developer, organizations can develop content-driven web applications.”

The new release extends ICE’s CMS functionality with an enhanced rich text editor and configurable HTML cleaner. These new features allow for a more customizable, browser friendly Ajax-compatible style.

Bluenog ICE 4.5 will be generally available June 30, 2009. Bluenog ICE 4.5 is available via annual subscription and includes 9x5 support. Priced per server rather than per CPU or per user, it simplifies license administration and capacity planning.

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