Colligo Networks Updates Contributor for SharePoint Product Line

Enhancements include folder drag and drop, attachment management

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Colligo Networks Inc. today launched Version 4.0 of its Contributor for SharePoint product line, its a family of desktop applications (including Contributor Add-In for Outlook, Contributor Client, and Contributor Pro) that improve the user experience and increase SharePoint adoption. The company is also adding two new products: the Colligo Contributor File Manager and the Colligo Contributor Uploader for Outlook.

Colligo Contributor File Manager is an extension to Windows Explorer that seamlessly links folders on a users file system with SharePoint document libraries and lists. Local folders become “SharePoint aware” -- online or offline -- so users can access advanced features such as metadata, content types, and document templates while adding and editing files using familiar desktop operations. SharePoint folders can be accessed from any application that uses the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog, making SharePoint a viable replacement for Network file shares. File Manager is included as part of Contributor Pro or is available as a separate application.

Colligo Contributor Uploader for Outlook lets users upload e-mails and attachments to SharePoint and browse document libraries and lists from within the Microsoft Office Outlook interface. Users can drag and drop content into document libraries and folders, instantly capturing critical metadata, increasing adoption of SharePoint for e-mail management.

Significant new features and capabilities in V4.0 include:

  • Attachment Management in SharePoint, included in Contributor Add-In for Outlook and Contributor Pro, lets users upload e-mail attachments to SharePoint and replace them with links. Customizable e-mail send rules prompt users to upload attachments before sending. This feature allows enterprises to reduce e-mail storage requirements, overcome OST/PST limitations and convert users to SharePoint based collaboration.

  • Folder Drag-and-Drop, included in all Contributor products, allows complete folder structures and metadata to be copied from a users’ desktop or between SharePoint document libraries with a simple drag-and-drop operation. The necessary folders are created in SharePoint, files are uploaded, and metadata values are set on each file imported. Users can specify custom metadata using the default folder-level metadata feature or via a customizable metadata editor.

  • The Contributor Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a .NET application programming interface (API) plus relevant technical information and specifications to enable developers to extend Colligo Contributor applications. In version 4.0, the SDK and core runtime engine have been significantly enhanced, making it easier for customers to develop their own custom SharePoint client applications, in addition to management, configuration and installation tools.

More information about these products, a free Colligo Reader (for individual users only), and a 30-day trial of Colligo Contributor Pro are available at

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