Updated Help Desk Tool Increases Efficiency, Customization

Elementool, a Web-based customer relationship management tool, offers users more options and freedom for customization.

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Elementool Inc., a developer of online project management software, has released Help Desk version 5.1, the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool. This latest update to Elementool’s suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project management applications features easier set up and increased oversight and maintenance of customer service operations. Help Desk 5.1 also offers increased flexibility and customization allowing users to adapt the CRM tool to their processes, and remain on top of customer correspondence and website issues.

Help Desk 5.1 brings added customization and depth to the original tool with a more dynamic interface. Forms can now be customized for specific projects or accounts by dragging and dropping fields, allowing relevant information to be presented where and when it is needed. In dealing with customers, the most recent request is not always the most urgent. For that reason, Elementool has made report queries more customizable as well. Help Desk 5.1 offers new options within the reporting function, including drag and drop of fields and sorting.

Help Desk’s Welcome Page, offers a quick and easy summary of important details, notices, customer queries, and status updates. Help Desk 5.1 has new filtering options on the main Welcome page.

Elementool suite of integrated SaaS project management tools includes Test Case Management, Time Tracking, File Sharing, Forums, and Issue Tracking. All Elementool tools grow and change with our customers, their needs and the business environment. Many of the changes implemented in this version come from user suggestions and requests; Elementool aims to create the most usable and reliable project management tools possible. All current and future, Elementool applications, including Help Desk 5.1 can be accessed from any computer via Web browser without downloading or installing any software. Additionally, an unlimited number of users can access any Elementool account online at any time.

Pricing and subscription information for Issue Tracking 6.1 and other Elementool products is available at www.Elementool.com.

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