GigaSpaces Releases eXtreme Application Platform 7.0

Single end-to-end middleware platform for cost-effectively deploying and scaling applications

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GigaSpaces Technologies has launchd eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 7.0, an enterprise-grade application server for deploying and scaling distributed applications. XAP 7.0 provides all middleware functions for the entire application stack within a single platform.

"XAP 7.0 is based on a unique architecture designed to manage the most complex environments as experienced by our Fortune 100 customers,” says GigaSpaces CTO, Nati Shalom. “With this new release, scalability is made so transparent and easy that organizations can leverage existing skill sets and historic investments to develop highly scalable applications that can meet fluctuating, unpredictable demand, with guaranteed performance and no downtime."

GigaSpaces XAP 7.0 enables organizations to cost effectively do more with less while meeting and exceeding the most demanding business requirements. XAP offers all of the following:

  • Single Platform: One middleware platform provides data, messaging, processing, high availability, and deployment to reduce complexity, eliminate middleware integration, and reduce license fees.

  • High Performance: Proven in mission-critical applications with the highest throughputs, largest data volumes, and millisecond-level latency.

  • Scalable On Demand: Unlimited, linear scalability with predictable consumption of resources, performing real-time capacity planning by re-assigning unutilized resources to applications experiencing high loads.

  • Always On: Eliminates unplanned downtime under extreme, unpredictable loads by reacting in real time and automatically provisioning more resources to meet service levels.

  • Open: Minimizes vendor lock-in by supporting major open frameworks and standards, providing native support for Java, .NET, and C++, and running on any existing infrastructure and public and private cloud environments.

The new release also offers these enhancements:

  • Extreme speed: data access is 40 times faster

  • Increased utilization of multi-core machines by up to 300 percentfor higher ROI

  • Revamped Management Center GUI for improved development productivity

  • Administration API for fine-grained control of the entire deployment environment from within applications

  • Simpler APIs for writing more easily maintainable code

  • Improved packaging for effortless deployment of web applications

  • Updated security model

  • Improved logging and troubleshooting for product robustness

Potential clients can evaluate XAP online, observing real enterprise applications running within a production-ready environment, without downloading the actual software.

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