Boomi Widgets Ease SaaS Integration Between Popular Business Applications

SaaS integration using pre-built, customizable integration widgets

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Boomi has released pre-built, easy-to-use integration Widgets for SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-On-Premise integration of common business applications. Businesses with application-specific integration needs can quickly and easily deploy integration Widgets without the burden of coding, data mapping, or configuring for firewall issues. Once deployed, Boomi Widgets work behind the scenes to continually and automatically update and synchronize applications every few minutes.

Pre-built integration processes are not a new concept in the industry, but Boomi delivers pre-built integrations that can be customized by the end user at the time of deployment. Boomi Widgets allow non-technical end users to easily customize and deploy these “productized” integrations in minutes via simple, menu-driven wizards. Businesses can purchase and deploy Boomi Widgets directly from Boomi’s Web site or through Boomi’s network of application and integration partners.

In addition, independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), and developers can now build and embed productized integration processes themselves without being dependent on an integration vendor for development and maintenance. Boomi Widgets allow ISVs, Sis, and developers to build and offer pre-integrated applications -- generating substantial competitive advantage over applications that rely on separate, third-party integration products. Boomi partners can build common integration processes once and deploy to an infinite number of customers saving extraordinary time during implementation.

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