Shunra Software Releases Virtual Enterprise Suite Version 6.0

New capabilities for WAN emulation tool

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Shunra Software has released version 6.0 of Shunra's Virtual Enterprise (VE) Suite. The upgrade includes several new capabilities for Shunra's WAN emulation technology that operates within a variety of robust network appliances, coupled with software modules for specific application performance testing needs.

The growing use of bandwidth-sensitive multimedia applications and mobile applications, along with significant traffic growth on corporate WANs, is increasing the importance of lab-testing applications alongside production network traffic levels. Shunra's suite is capable of recording and playing back dynamic traffic levels during application testing.

"Organizations are realizing the benefits of incorporating WAN emulation into pre-deployment testing, to deliver high-performing applications to their global end-users," stated Gene Litt, senior director of product strategy and management at Shunra. "VE Suite v6.0 helps organizations improve communication between application developers and network engineers, leveraging their talents to engage earlier in the development cycle, making collaborative decisions with engineering analysis."

The enhancements help provide faster, easier, more effective application performance and delivery. They include:

  • Significant increase in emulation accuracy: With the new Production Network Bandwidth Utilization Playback capability, users can design and run tests with significantly less setup and maintenance effort.

  • Reveals root cause of application performance bottlenecks: Shunra's VE Modeler includes real-time statistics accessible via the Windows PerfMon interface.

  • Improved HP LoadRunner 9.5 Integration: VE Predictor/Profiler fully automates solutions to predict and profile transaction-level behavior at many levels of bandwidth, latency, loss, and user loads at all network locations.

  • Appliance sharing: Improved VE Multi-User feature that lets multiple test team conduct WAN emulation tests sharing a single Shunra appliance.

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