2009 Enterprise Systems - Salary Survey Results

Manager salaries are up, professional salaries drop, and bonuses are lower across the board

In tough economic times, how are IT professional salaries doing? In this year's survey, we found that most salaries for managers increased, while those of IT professionals dropped. Bonuses were down for nearly everyone.

Our 2009 Salary Survey summarizes the results of 631 enterprise IT respondents conducted by Enterprise Systems. The latest salary survey tracked salary figures for IT managers and professionals across a broad spectrum of organizations. The survey covered eight key management positions along with nine key IT staff positions.

In Part 1 of our series on IT salaries, we look at how IT managers and executivevs have faired in times of tigher IT budgets. We found that, for the most part, companies held the line with the base compensation provided to their IT managers. Six out of eight key management positions saw increases in their salary levels, while only two saw decreases. However, management positions took large hits in bonuses this year -- some bonus cuts were sizeable.

Part 2 looks at how salaries for six out of seven key developer, analyst, and administrator positions are down from last year, while only one position experienced an increase. As with managers, IT staff positions took large hits in bonuses this year.

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