Promise Technology Introduces the VessRAID Storage Subsystems in the Americas

Solution offers effective way to keep data online longer, allows fast access and reliable data protection.

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Promise Technology Inc., a RAID storage solutions provider aimed at enterprise, mid-range, entry-level, and consumer markets, today has released its VessRAID series storage system in the Americas.

VessRAID storage subsystems provide a cost-effective way to keep data online longer while allowing fast access and reliable data protection. The VessRAID storage system can handle today’s high-capacity storage applications such as video surveillance, unstructured data, disk-to-disk backup and still meet the strenuous backup requirements necessary for business continuity. With its low-cost expansion capabilities and SAS and iSCSI host interfaces, the VessRAID system is well suited for any industry confronting the need to provide a reliable and secure method for the long-term storage of data.

VessRAID features include:

  • Easy Installation and Management: One-Plug-Auto-Service (OPAS) reduces the time spent on conventional administration tasks. By plugging in a supported USB flash drive into VessRAID’s USB port, users are able to automatically download system service reports, as well as perform advanced functions such as firmware upgrades and configuration script installation.

  • GreenRAID Energy-efficient Features: VessRAID’s power-scheduling feature allows the system to power-on from standby mode to run user-scheduled tasks such as backups and archives. When the task completes, the system goes into standby until the next scheduled task. VessRAID green features provide annual cost savings of up to 70 percent over competitive solutions.

  • VMware vSphere 4.0 Certified: Supports Windows and Linux OS.

Availability and Pricing

The Promise VessRAID Series is currently available now; pricing starts at less than 26 cents per gigabyte based on Promise MSRP for the 16 bay base unit (with or without optional expansion units) including enterprise class 2TB 7200 RPM hard disk drives.

More information is available at

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