Pillar Data Systems Delivers 2TB SATA Drives

New high-capacity, low energy-consuming drives provide efficient storage

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Pillar Data Systems, a provider of application-aware storage systems, has released 2 terabyte SATA drives available to the enterprise market as part of its Pillar Axiom storage system. The new drives push the Axiom’s overall usable capacity to more than 1.6 petabytes per system and drive down overall power consumption by 50 percent and space consumption by 2X.

On average, Pillar Axiom users are experiencing industry-leading written disk utilization rates, and Pillar guarantees 80 percent utilization on its Axiom storage system, delivering an open systems storage array that can provides such a high level of disk utilization without performance degradation. Additionally, the Pillar Axiom performed the fastest rebuild times according to an independent analyst report.

“It’s high time that businesses become enabled to use more of the storage that they purchase,” said Bob Maness, vice president of worldwide marketing and channel sales for Pillar Data Systems. “As drive sizes continue to increase, more storage will be wasted unless companies implement a storage architecture that can utilize the full capacity with no performance degradation. Pillar is the only company that can make that guarantee. Our latest innovations around SSDs and now 2TB drives will make it even easier for end-users to increase capacity and performance while improving the overall efficiency of their system.”

The Pillar Axiom differentiates performance based on application priority, which Pillar calls application aware storage. The Pillar Axiom can dramatically reduce floor space and energy demands and lower total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent.

More information is available at www.pillardata.com.

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