New Boundary Technologies Updates Integrated Windows Configuration Manager

New Prism Suite 10 offers full-featured IT asset management functionality in integrated Windows configuration management solution

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New Boundary Technologies today released Prism Suite, an integrated Windows configuration management solution features fully automated software deployment, IT asset management (ITAM) and patch management capabilities that establish complete control over distributed IT and mobile networks.

In addition to core software deployment and patch management enhancements, Prism Suite now delivers the following software asset management (SAM) functionality:

  • Individual software license usage tracking allows administrators to rapidly save costs by reclaiming or reallocating software licenses based on individual employee-usage patterns

  • Network discovery and inventory management give administrators complete visibility and control over all IT assets, including every connected and non-connected device across a network to improve planning, budgeting and resource utilization

  • Advanced software license management enables administrators to reduce operational costs and organizational risk by ensuring regulatory and software license compliance

Using easy-to-use configure groups, Prism Suite automatically identifies and targets computers with the right software, update, or patch, and continuously monitors and heals Windows-based PC environments across the enterprise.

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