BlueStripe Software Allows Monitoring, Measuring Application Service Requests In Any Environment

FactFinder 3.0 monitors production business application systems, identifies slowdowns, delivers service request response time performance metrics, hop-by-hop, across entire application systems

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BlueStripe Software today announced FactFinder 3.0, an application service management (ASM) solution that enables service delivery, IT operations, and application support teams to monitor and manage application system performance and troubleshoot system components across any application environment: physical, virtual, or cloud. This capability radically improves IT operations’ ability to quickly isolate and identify causes of slow applications by delivering real-time, hop-by-hop, visibility into critical service-request performance metrics across heterogeneous environments.

FactFinder uniquely provides application service request performance metrics across tiers and between nodes, at the process level, for each application component across an entire application system. FactFinder manages applications as full systems, isolating requests for discrete systems enabling service delivery and application managers to better meet service-level requirements. When application components are spread across different platforms -- physical, virtual, and cloud -- FactFinder identifies the application and provides the visibility needed to ensure proper application performance.

FactFinder, using BlueStripe’s AppSmart technology, delivers unprecedented visibility into application systems by automatically generating real-time Application System Maps, providing live views of application requests across tiers and components, and delivering load-curve analysis to know how applications will scale. These monitoring capabilities provide the facts IT support teams need to analyze production application performance across any application environment. Key new features in FactFinder 3.0 include:

  • Automatic Application System Identification: In 10 minutes, FactFinder, using AppSmart Technology, automatically maps application transaction systems and highlights discrete systems within the IT infrastructure, naming URL sets, hostnames and app pools for monitoring and fast triage. System dependency maps measure real-time load curves for proactive capacity planning.

  • Application Transaction System Monitoring: Provides a dashboard of multiple applications, including URL-level visibility and hop-by-hop service request response times at every level across application tiers.

  • Rewind Problem Replay: In addition to FactFinder’s existing real-time and historical problem analysis, FactFinder’s new Rewind capability gives a “black-box flight recorder” for application server platforms, enabling complete replay of application problems for systems not already under monitoring.

  • Enterprise Fleet Scaling: Scales to thousands of servers across physical, virtual and cloud platforms, and drills down into individual application systems of up to 250 servers for complete visibility of response times and component usage across an enterprise. Federates multiple FactFinder deployments for problem solving collaboration.

FactFinder delivers the key performance indicators, including service request response times, of applications that span multiple technology silos that ITSM Service Delivery Managers have been seeking to improve application service. With the ability to monitor business-critical production applications in real time through FactFinder, enterprises have the actionable data they need to quickly locate performance degradation and improve IT service to the business.

Said BlueStripe co-founder and CEO Chris Neal, “By monitoring the overall application system, FactFinder makes it easier for all levels of support teams to make sense of complex applications that cross different platforms. It only takes one overloaded server or poorly configured cloud service in the chain of an application system to affect end-user response time and lose revenue. The BlueStripe mission is to help our customers resolve application slowdowns wherever they occur, whenever they occur.”

The new FactFinder 3.0 is available now. Pricing starts at $10,000. Product trials and more information are available at

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