Cyber-Ark Powers Flexible, Reliable Governed File Transfer with New Inter-Business Vault Capabilities

Enhancements enable business processes and underlying technology to ensure secure, efficient, reliable exchange of valuable business information

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Cyber-Ark, announced enhancements to its Inter-Business Vault, delivering the combined benefits of governed and managed file transfer capabilities in one centralized, highly secure platform. The new features allow organizations the flexibility to migrate from legacy technologies in order to support more efficient business processes without requiring changes to partners’ existing practices or IT infrastructure.

New features of Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault (IBV) v5.5 encourage the adoption of more modern, efficient file transfer processes. Additionally, IBV will provide organizations with the flexibility required to easily add new partners and deliver innovative business services to customers with unprecedented short time-to-market. Benefits include ease-of-integration with existing enterprise infrastructure and legacy systems, which reduces operational costs and minimizes IT overhead.

Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault v5.5 includes the following enhancements:

Automated DCA workflows with remote FTP and SFTP servers: By supporting Distribution Collection Agent (DCA) workflow automation to legacy third-party FTP and SFTP servers, the Inter-Business Vault enables organizations to centrally support partners that use these servers.

"My Transfer Manager" – Personal, clientless file-transfer manager: This secure file exchange enhancement features a Web-based interface that significantly improves the user-experience during manual file-transfer operations, especially for large file transfers. In addition, if the network connectivity is interrupted while downloading a larger file, the “My Transfer Manager” feature enables users to easily resume downloading from where they left off instead of restarting the entire download process.

SFTP Protocol Support in “FTP/SFTP Connector”: This enhancement provides organizations with the ability to support and seamlessly integrate with partners’ legacy processes. Specifically, it enhances the Inter-Business Vault’s support for standard SFTP based scripts or clients used by partners for file-transfers globally.

SFE/DCA Integration and Enhancements: This feature enables organizations to define customers’ specific needs and easily customize and generate new services to meet increasing file transfer volumes and demand. Secure file transfer enhancements also enable the creation of a “remote server endpoint” to support automated DCA processes working with remote FTP and SFTP servers, and provide end-users with the ability to move files and folders in a single operation. In addition, SFE enhancements include support for LDAP authentication and provide DCA performance improvements, especially for high-volume process and file transfer concurrency.

The Cyber-Ark Inter-Business Vault v5.5 is available now, and is a core component of Cyber-Ark’s Governed File Transfer Suite. For more information, visit

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