BeyondTrust Updates Privileged Account Management Solution

PowerKeeper 4.0 provides out-of-the-box automatic password management for heterogeneous IT environments, maximizes privileged access security, reduces compliance risk for any systems or devices supporting SSH or Telnet

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BeyondTrust announced PowerKeeper 4.0, a privileged account manager that provides custom-defined automatic password management for heterogeneous IT environments. Available as a secure virtual machine or a hardened physical appliance, PowerKeeper is designed to help customers meet security and compliance requirements by managing privileged user access to sensitive data and safeguarding enterprises against insider threats.

“Privileged accounts are pervasive in any organization. They’re used to access virtually every device, operating system, or application and the access they grant to particularly sensitive systems and data warrant extra protection,” said John Mutch, CEO of BeyondTrust. PowerKeeper provides an automated password management feature that doesn’t require custom programming, making it easier to incorporate well-known best-practices that will improve productivity, reduce administration, and avoid embarrassing security incidents.

As part of the PowerSeries family of products, PowerKeeper is a privileged account access management solution for access control, manageability, and audit of all types of privileged accounts such as shared administrative, application, and local administrative accounts. The appliance secures access to privileged accounts through automated password resets and management workflows, secure storage of credentials, and a sealed operating system. It leverages automated intelligent adapters that manage privileged access to any operating system, database, or device over SSH or Telnet, making it fully heterogeneous out-of-the-box. With its flexible and streamlined policy deployment process for privileged accounts, PowerKeeper ensures maximum resource efficiency without hidden customization costs.

PowerKeeper 4.0 customers estimate the simplicity and automation features, as well as the consolidation of privileged account management across various operating systems, devices, and applications, have saved 100-200 hours a month, eliminated up to 75,000 default passwords, and made conversations with compliance auditors 95 percent more comfortable. Three early adopters had implemented PowerKeeper enterprise-wide and across applications in less than a week without any consulting services or unexpected customization costs due to the out-of-box, custom-defined automated password management capability.

PowerKeeper 4.0 introduces the following new features:

  • Intelligent adapters that manage privileged access to any operating system, database, or device over SSH or Telnet, for full device coverage in heterogeneous environments

  • Active Directory Auto Discovery (ADAD) automatically discovers and imports any systems found in Active Directory based on customer-defined filters. This provides an efficient actionable mechanism for complete heterogeneous deployment and management

  • Multiple deployment platform options, including a physical appliance as well as a VMware Virtual Appliance

  • Integration with the BeyondTrust PowerSeries Management Console (PSMC) as the new user interface, for centralized management

  • Automatic Authentication and Authorization (AAA) creates PowerKeeper accounts from an LDAP or Active Directory through group membership, completely automating access provisioning based on LDAP or AD changes

  • Automated Password Management (APM) for LDAP directories from Sun, Oracle, Novell, and others to ensure the “keys to the kingdom” are protected

  • More fine-grained, role-based access control options, lending full flexibility to role creation and access assignment

PowerKeeper 4.0 is now available as part of the PowerSeries Early Adopter Program. For more information, visit

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