Postgres Plus Standard Server 8 Advances Enterprise-Ready Open Source Database Solution

Enhancements simplify migration, ease management and installation of updates

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EnterpriseDB today announced the release of Postgres Plus Standard Server 8.4, an advanced open source database that combines the price and performance benefits of a community-developed open source technology with the full support of a stable commercial entity.

Based on contributions from more than 200 developers, PostgreSQL is a full-featured open source relational database management system (RDBMS). Recent versions of PostgreSQL have topped one million downloads, with companies in virtually every industry adopting it across myriad applications. Boasting more than 15 years of active community development, the PostgreSQL community is also the only truly independent open source database community.

“For PostgreSQL 8.4, the community spent 16 months adding more than 200 functionality improvements designed to enhance day-to-day work with PostgreSQL,” said Bruce Momjian, core contributor to PostgreSQL.

EnterpriseDB has added the following enterprise-class usability and management enhancements to its Postgres Plus Standard Server:

  • StackBuilder Plus and Update Service: Through this management and automation tool, users can easily add new features to the open source core of Postgres Plus Standard Server. Based on regular surveys of open source projects, EnterpriseDB selects the features most critical to enterprise customers, acquires the latest source, builds binaries and installers, and tests the integration of the features. In addition, StackBuilder Plus notifies users of available updates and can automate downloads and installation. This reduces the time database administrators (DBAs) and developers spend managing and installing updates.

  • Migration Toolkits: For customers seeking to enhance the investments they have already made in MySQL or Oracle databases, Postgres Plus Standard Server migration toolkits provide a cost-effective way to create mirror databases or operational data stores that can be used to offload workloads for operations such as reporting, auditing and analytics.

  • Certification Testing: The Quality Management Group at EnterpriseDB performs extensive installation testing of Standard Server, its pre-installed add-on modules (e.g. connection pooling, database connectors, replication, GeoSpatial, distributed caching), and the user-selectable StackBuilder Plus modules on multiple platforms (Red Hat, CentOS, SuSE Linux, openSuSE, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows) to confirm operational integration. By pre-bundling and pre-testing the most commonly used modules for interoperability, EnterpriseDB saves users from the frequent hassle of ensuring multiple components will perform as designed.

Developer and Production subscriptions for Postgres Plus Standard Server (which include support, software, updates, and technical alerts) are available by developer or per socket with pricing starting at $995. More information is available at

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