Greenplum Introduces Free Greenplum Database Edition for Data Analysts

Single-node Edition is free for production use, enables distributed data analysis

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Greenplum Software today announced general availability of Greenplum Database - Single-Node Edition. This new, free version of Greenplum Database gives data analysts access to Greenplum's high-performance database for large-scale analytical projects outside the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The Single-Node Edition is a parallel analytic database that can participate as a distributed node of Greenplum’s Enterprise Data Cloud, allowing centralized management, data discovery, and data sharing across databases.

Other features of Greenplum Database - Single-Node Edition include:

  • Unlimited production usage on a single commodity x86 server using up to 2 CPU sockets (and unlimited CPU cores) or in a single virtual machine using up to 8 virtual CPU cores

  • Fully parallel SQL and MapReduce processing leverages multi-core parallel-processing engine for every query

  • No storage capacity cap -- connect GBs to 10s of TBs

  • Hybrid row and column-oriented processing

  • Free community support (a low-cost, paid support option is also available)

  • Ability to expand beyond Single-Node Edition to a multi-node massively-parallel Greenplum Database deployment

Greenplum Database - Single-Node Edition helps a new class of elite data analysts working outside the EDW that work with huge volumes of raw data. In fact, according to the recent informal survey of more than 400 data warehousing professionals by Greenplum and B-Eye-Network, companies are now conducting the majority of analytical projects outside the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). Over half of respondents said that all the data their team needs does not make it into the data warehouse, and more than 75 percent are using tools such as SAS, Excel, and MySQL to work with their data. The majority also said that they prefer to work with "raw" rather than "clean" data.

This study shows that the enterprise data warehouse often falls short when it comes to providing data analysts with the capabilities they need to achieve business insights. It also points to a new class of power users prefer to work with raw data and are eager to push the envelope with new analytical tools. Greenplum's new Single-Node Edition can help these elite practitioners.

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