Optimized Version of Open-E Data Storage Management Software Released

Release optimizes performance, adds scripted snapshots

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Open-E has added a host of new features to Open-E IP Storage Management software, including the ability for users to obtain periodical snapshots from consistent databases at the volume level.

The new release of Open-E DSS V6 can be downloaded from the Open-E Web site and can be installed on all data volumes including internal hard drives, RAID arrays, USB, SATA, or any other bootable medium.

The most important functional extension in the new release of Open-E DSS V6 is the ability to manage snapshots automatically via scripts using the Application Programming Interface (API). This is particularly significant for database protection; this feature allows for periodic and consistent backup of the entire database structure. Consistent snapshots can be created when the database is in a consistent state and the data won’t be changed during this process. The scripts use the Open-E DSS V6 API, which has been continuously extended with new features by Open-E.

API features allowing a wide range of common computing functions to be written that will enable customers to operate on different systems to perform a vast number of tasks.

Additional optimizations in the new release include an extension of the tape management utility (which now includes barcode support and tape magazine management), enhancing automation. HP Smart Array Management has also been upgraded so that if an array disk fails, this information is passed to Open-E DSS V6 and the system administrator receives a warning message immediately.

Features of Open-E DSS V6

Open-E data storage software V6 (DSS V6) is a unified file and block storage management software featuring Network Attached Storage (NAS), iSCSI and Fiber Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) functionality. Extended Open-E DSS V6 functions include data and volume replication, volume snapshots, integrated virus protection, volume replication, and automatic failover for iSCSI volumes, WORM, and NDMP.

It was developed as a versatile, flexible solution for use with hardware RAID platforms from leading vendors. Open-E DSS V6 enables users to combine NAS and iSCSI SAN systems, as well as to integrate multiple network interface controllers, including gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel solutions. Open-E DSS V6 supports logical volumes exceeding 16 TBs and is available with license capacities amounting to 4, 8, and 16 TBs (extendable with capacity license keys).


The new release of Open-E DSS V6 is available now from the Open-E Web site, where Version V6 customers can download the update free of charge. The new version is easy to install via the update function. Visit www.open-e.com/trial for a free trial version or http://www.open-e.com/account/register/product/ for the update.

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