ComplyXL Discovery Triggers Alerts when Spreadsheets Change

Can identify changes based on any of more than 40 risk criteria

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Lyquidity’s new ComplyXL Discovery helps organizations monitor corporate spreadsheets automatically and continuously and report instantly on changes based on criteria important to an organization such as changes to key areas of a spreadsheet or formulas. The program can identify introduced errors and any of 40 other risk criteria. Users can subscribe to receive notifications by e-mail, IM, or as a desktop popup.

As spreadsheets are always changing, ComplyXL allows the finance, accounting, and compliance teams -- as well as managers who are responsible for the integrity of data in their spreadsheets -- to have confidence they understand and are aware of spreadsheet activity. Active monitoring of changes will help ensure spreadsheet data and business rules comply with an organization's policies and governance rules.

As CEO Bill Seddon noted, "Organizations can't afford to let information 'feed' into critical business and reporting processes without being able to show who, what, where, when, and why of what has changed in corporate spreadsheets. Once ComplyXL Discovery is set up, you don't have to do anything -- you choose how and when to be notified so you can get on with your job."

ComplyXL Discovery brings these benefits:

  • Alerts sent when spreadsheets change, whether to specific cell ranges, or 40+ types of changes

  • Choice of alert system, whether instant or daily emails, or instant messaging (IM)

  • Automatically ensure continuous monitoring and controlling of spreadsheets that would be time consuming if done manually

  • Inventory of all new and changed spreadsheets on an ongoing basis -- without the need for client software installed locally

  • Creation of documentation and audit trails to help with the audit process

Lyquidity has full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL. These give users a deeper understanding of the software and how it can be used and deployed. Full presentations are available at

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