Imanami Enables Efficient Group Management for Small Businesses

WebDir SMB provides small businesses enterprise-level directory management; helps firms create, control groups in Microsoft Active Directory

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Imanami has introduced WebDir SMB, a Web-based directory and group management solution designed for small businesses. As organizations streamline processes to maximize already limited resources, the introduction of WebDir SMB provides small businesses an enterprise-class tool to reduce administrative costs and increase the accuracy of Microsoft Active Directory for security and employee productivity.

Active Directory gives companies the power to manage the identities and relationships that make up a businesses network. With Active Directory, IT staff can configure and administer system, user, and application settings, assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates.

Accuracy in Active Directory is essential to the daily operations of a company, but it is manually time intensive, expensive, and often done behind schedule. According to a survey by Osterman Research, 81 percent of organizations manage groups in Active Directory manually but still have inaccurate information,

In today’s economy, IT resources are already scarce. Administrators can’t afford to do mundane tasks, and managing group lifecycles is too important to delegate to someone who doesn’t understand the implications of identity management. Without an accurate directory, a company jeopardizes their security posture when the wrong people have access to information. Productivity also suffers when the right people don’t have access to the important information.

WebDir enables companies to accurately manage their information in Active Directory. An IT department can delegate the management of contact and group information to the end user, freeing resources and increasing productivity.

As with large enterprises, small businesses need to manage users and groups but can’t afford more complicated software to automate the process. WebDir SMB allows IT staff in small businesses to delegate important group and directory management functions to the end users automatically while keeping strong controls in place from IT. End users can easily access and manage their own groups, decreasing the need for help desk calls.

In addition, as a small business customer grows, WebDir SMB allows companies to easily make the transition to upgrade to Imanami’s enterprise class GroupID Self-Service in order to pre-empt issues that they may have as the number of employees increases.

“SMBs have the same problems managing Active Directory as large enterprises but have fewer resources available to them,” said Edward Killeen, vice president of sales and marketing at Imanami. “Making sure user and group information is accurate is even more important in a highly dynamic small business, especially one that is moving from manual to automated processes. WebDir SMB gives small businesses directory and group management solutions with an affordable price point lacking in this segment.”

WebDir SMB is available now. Pricing is $249 per 50 seats and comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. More information is available at

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