Micro Focus Updates Terminal Emulation Suite

RUMBA 8 introduces new, modern interface with focus on end-user productivity and improved business

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Micro Focus, a provider of enterprise application modernization, testing, and management solutions, has released RUMBA 8, a major new version of the company’s terminal emulation suite. The suite was designed to support new technologies and the Windows 7 operating system. This version delivers a redesigned user interface with significant productivity and security upgrades. RUMBA 8 gives customers optimum performance and flexibility when connecting to business-critical applications residing on a variety of host systems; users gain the speed, reliability, and security needed to effectively run business operations.

RUMBA provides connectivity from Microsoft Windows desktops to virtually any host system with mission-critical reliability, protecting valuable information assets and securing the communications between workstations and host systems with a set of rich features. RUMBA 8 enables customers to extend mainframe applications and realize the benefits of application modernization, including lower costs and increased efficiency.

RUMBA 8 also includes a number of benefits and new features, including support for the Microsoft Office ribbon interface and enhanced support for the latest security standards. RUMBA 8 also includes tabbed emulating that lets users connect to multiple hosts from a single Windows desktop.

RUMBA provides an intuitive integration environment for building multi-tier applications as well as support for third-party tools. It allows users to connect to business applications on a wide range of systems, including IBM mainframe, IBM AS/400, DEC VAX, Micro Focus servers, Hewlett-Packard, and UNIX systems from PC desktops. The newest version was designed specifically to maximize productivity for users of Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, and Windows XP.

More information on Micro Focus RUMBA 8 is available at www.microfocus.com/rumba8.

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