AmberPoint Introduces Adaptive, Automation Solution for Application Governance

AmberPoint Governance System introduces agile, incremental, cost-effective approach to governing distributed applications

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AmberPoint today unveiled a new product that makes it significantly easier and more practical for organizations to govern their distributed applications. A lightweight, automated, and agile solution that breaks from other approaches to application governance, AmberPoint Governance System unburdens IT staff from manual governance tasks and solves the inflexibility that typically hinders enterprise governance initiatives. It fosters much more agile governance capabilities, ensures continual compliance across all stages of the application lifecycle, and features a cost-effective, incremental deployment model that removes barriers to adoption.

AmberPoint Governance System’s approach to application governance provides comprehensive oversight across development and operational environments.

  • Discovery Driven: AGS monitors the application environment for change events and updates. It continually discovers application components, configurations, and resources, across both on- and off-premise clouds and self-populates the metadata.

  • Automated Enforcement: The solution automates the enforcement of compliance policies and compliance reporting -- continuously and in real time -- to minimize manual effort.
  • End to End: Automatic validation is supported across all phases of the application lifecycle and for the entire application stack, both application and system layers.

  • Open and Extensible: AGS is nimble and customizable to specific governance requirements. It can rapidly integrate with processes, scripts, third-party systems, and metadata sources that already participate in an organization’s governance program.

  • Incremental: The program minimizes barriers to adoption through a just-enough-governance approach that significantly reduces the cost of getting started. An enterprise simply adds governance engines to accommodate new projects, new teams, and new groups.

AmberPoint Governance System has out-of-the-box integration with AmberPoint Management System, the company’s solution for managing composite applications. This integration gives organizations an effective closed-loop solution for governing and managing distributed applications.

AGS features include:

Comprehensive Repository: Provides a repository/registry for all application assets and resources available within the enterprise. Presents an up-to-date view of the service inventory, including service metadata, lifecycle status, and runtime summary.

  • Continuously updated via auto-discovery
  • Detailed inventory of artifacts and resources
  • Metadata federated across various sources
  • Auto-indexed, easily searchable
  • Extensible data models and governed types

Lifecycle Management: Handles approvals and checks for making changes to assets or migrating assets between various lifecycle phases.

  • Monitor assets across the lifecycle
  • Multi-party approvals for lifecycle promotions
  • Customizable approval models to match needs
  • Integrates with your existing SDLC processes

End-to-End Policy Enforcement and Management: Acts as a single facility to enforce governance policies and track compliance.

  • Automated policy enforcement, not just record keeping
  • Single vantage point for managing policies across the lifecycle
  • User defined policies for both application and system layers
  • Continuous policy evaluation and compliance reporting
  • Open framework for creating custom governance policies

Reuse Management: Gives ability to promote services for reuse, define and enforce reuse contracts, flag inappropriate reuse and detect rogue services (services not authorized for reuse).

  • Multiple catalogs for promoting reusable assets
  • Contract-based reuse management
  • Bi-lateral contract negotiation process
  • Auto-provisions contracts to AmberPoint Management System
  • Fully-extensible contract definitions
  • User-customizable negotiations

Impact Analysis: Captures dependences and metadata for running what-if scenarios in the event of change.

  • Auto-discovers application and system-level dependences for each component
  • Provides detailed development and operational metadata, enabling what-if scenarios
  • Enables IT staff to compare and contrast between design dependences and the reality

Software Development Kit: AmberPoint also offers an SDK for the AmberPoint Governance System, enabling customers to easily customize the solution and extend it to additional application assets and infrastructure.

  • Customize data models and UI to tailor governance to your needs
  • Add new sources of meta-data discovery
  • Connect to existing governance processes and development tools

AmberPoint Governance System is available today, priced at $5K per CPU for each governance engine and $5K for the SDK. The AmberPoint Governance Starter Kit begins at $25K and includes AmberPoint Governance System for 2 CPUs, SDK, training, and consulting.

More information is available at

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