Open Text Adds to Portfolio of ECM Solutions for Oracle Applications

New solution links Oracle transactions to business content.

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Open Text Corporation has expanded its portfolio of ECM solutions for Oracle Applications with the introduction of new content access solution. Using the Open Text offering, enterprises can associate Oracle transactions with business content to increase process efficiency, reduce operating costs, and more effectively manage risk.

In any company there are two primary streams of information. One is the structured-data side driven by Oracle Applications. The second is the flow of electronic and paper content assets that surround a transaction, ranging from simple e-mail confirmations to formal contracts as well as paper documents. Enterprises that can successfully correlate these two streams of information can realize significant productivity gains. That is where Open Text ECM solutions for Oracle come in, enabling customers to take full advantage of the Open Text ECM Suite.

Open Text Content Access for Oracle is a new offering that provides a single point of access to Oracle and non-Oracle data and content assets from either the Oracle user interface or from the Open Text ECM Suite. It enables companies to organize and manage all content, including legacy content, in virtual folders and provides an easy and low-cost way to archive documents.

Organizations often must reuse the same business content throughout multiple applications, even though parts of documents are tied to specific applications such as ERP or CRM. Open Text Content Access for Oracle provides a means of sharing this business content across different applications for a single face to customers, partners or employees.

While regulations vary around the world, they all require that organizations track, manage, and retain business information. Open Text Content Access for Oracle addresses evolving compliance requirements by leveraging the ECM Suite to securely store content for designated periods, link related information, provide an audit history for corporate content, and enable organizations to quickly access any document on demand.

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