Software AG Introduces Optimize for Infrastructure: Mainframe Edition

Performance monitoring tool enables quicker response to system problems

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Software AG has released Optimize for Infrastructure: Mainframe Edition. The new tool enables Software AG customers to monitor the performance of multiple products -- including Adabas, Natural, EntireX and ApplinX -- from a single graphical viewpoint. In addition, Optimize analyzes historical performance data to help customers predict future problems as well as more efficiently fine-tune current system performance.

“Today’s IT managers cannot wait for business impact to occur before addressing system issues -- they must be preemptive and proactive,” said Dr. Peter Kuerpick, chief product officer and member of the executive board of Software AG. “Optimize for Infrastructure: Mainframe Edition enables IT managers to identify system-wide problems in the early stages and take action before the business is impacted or System Level Agreements are put in jeopardy.”

Optimize for Infrastructure: Mainframe Edition enables customers to more effectively monitor and manage the behavior of multiple Software AG products by consolidating input from numerous monitoring products into a web-based tool. Not only does Optimize consolidate “green screen” information using color-coded graphs, it also incorporates “learning” capabilities that analyze past behavior and allow IT managers to take preemptive action on out-of-range conditions before the business is impacted. In addition, Optimize enables the IT manager to create rules to manage alerts and escalations in a way that matches his/her personal work style and the unique IT environment being monitored.

Optimize allows customers to choose from a long list of pre-set monitor points or key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of the monitored Software AG products they own. Once KPI’s are selected, the customer can easily create rules about when and how to be alerted when a particular parameter goes out of range.

A unique feature of Optimize is its support of predictive analysis. Once Optimize tracks a particular KPI for a period of time, it “learns” normal system behavior. This learning capability enables an IT manager to receive an alert not only when a fixed measure-point is detected, but when a measurement deviates from normal. Using early-alerts, Optimize can thereby predict and warn of a potentially serious system problem before it happens.

The ability to set rules within Optimize is particularly powerful for alert and escalation management. Not all rule violations across KPIs (or within a single KPI) are of the same importance. Therefore, rules can be set within Optimize, such as, “Send an alert to my e-mail after the second violation,” or “Send an alert to my pager after the third violation.” Optimize can also send an alert, for example, when a particular KPI returns to the normal range.

Optimize is able to receive input from numerous monitoring tools for Software AG products, including tools that monitor Adabas, Event Replicator, Natural, Entire System Server, EntireX, and ApplinX. Optimize can also work with third-party tools based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In addition to mainframe-based products, Optimize also supports Software AG products that run on Open System platforms (UNIX, Linux and Windows).

Optimize for Infrastructure: Mainframe Edition is shipping now. More information is available here.

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