Veryant Enhances COBOL Delivery Platform

Updated isCOBOL supports larger files, Java-based thin-client deployment model

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Veryant has updated its isCOBOL Application Platform Suite (APS) for developing, deploying, and modernizing COBOL applications. The update features:

  • Support for larger file sizes -- more than nine billion gigabytes -- and up to a 50 percent performance boost from an enhanced, completely Java-based indexed sequential access method (ISAM) file system in isCOBOL JISAM

  • Delivery of portable applications at an affordable price thanks to improved thin-client performance using isCOBOL Server

  • Zero-client, rich Internet application COBOL deployments from advanced JavaScript embedding capabilities and new controls in isCOBOL Web Direct 2.0

  • Greater compatibility with outdated platforms such as ACUCOBOL-GT and RM/COBOL, further simplifying the move to isCOBOL from alternative COBOL compilers

Up to 60 percent of the world’s business applications are written in COBOL. These programs often use ISAM file systems instead of relational databases. Organizations looking to distribute applications with familiar, high-performing ISAM files across a wide variety of devices can benefit from the inherent portability of the Java platform with isCOBOL JISAM.

isCOBOL JISAM is a 100 percent Java-based ISAM file system built on x/Open standards that runs on a range of systems from mainframes to mobile devices. With this release, ISAM files opened with the EXCLUSIVE clause, especially on REWRITE and DELETE statements, saw the largest improvements in internal Veryant tests.

isCOBOL Server provides high-value, efficient, thin-client computing where valuable system and network resources are conserved.

In this release, thin-client performance is improved on average up to 50 percent, especially for isCOBOL Server applications distributed across TCP/IP connections. Nearly a 100-percent performance improvement was demonstrated on applications using “DESTROY” statements, which are commonly used in COBOL programs to eliminate graphical controls such as entry fields, check boxes, and radio buttons on windows that are no longer in use.

isCOBOL JISAM and isCOBOL Server are included with the isCOBOL Runtime Environment at no extra cost. Veryant does not penalize customers for changing platforms. The Java-enabled portability of the products in isCOBOL APS and customer applications is enhanced by the portability of the isCOBOL license: buy once, compile, and run anywhere.

isCOBOL APS 2009 SP2 is available immediately. Additional details can be found at

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