DataCore Expands Virtual Disks to One Petabyte

Need for very large logical volumes increases as physical disk drive capacities grow, datasets expand

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DataCore Software, a provider of storage virtualization, business continuity, and disaster recovery software solutions, is stretching the size of its virtual disks from 2 terabytes (TBs) to 1 petabyte (PB). Performance-wise, these virtual disks benefit from DataCore’s 1 TB per node, 64-bit mega-caches.

The huge virtual disk requirement arises from two industry trends. For their physical storage pool, clients are eager to group multiple disk drives, each exceeding 1 TB, into redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) sets. With this release, DataCore storage virtualization nodes can control pools consisting of numerous RAID sets, each well over the previous 2 TB maximum.

Demand has also been strong from applications seeking to update and analyze very large datasets that in the foreseeable future will grow well past the 2 TB cap.

The pace of DataCore’s innovations is indicative of its uniquely extensible software architecture. Unbridled by hardware, DataCore rapidly adapts its storage virtualization products to harness the power of bigger, faster, and cheaper equipment within weeks of the technology becoming generally available so customers can quickly take advantage of hardware advancements.

The new software release is available immediately. DataCore customers under current maintenance contracts are eligible to receive the 1 PB software enhancements at no charge.

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