Cyberoam Launches Logging and Reporting Tool for Viewing Network Activity

Open source developers and organizations can download Cyberoam iView free from

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Cyberoam, a developer of IT security appliances, today announced that iView, the company’s open source logging and reporting solution, is now available in appliance form (with terabyte capacity), delivering a cost-effective solution to SMBs. The launch brings to customers a series of three appliances catering to the logging/reporting requirements of SMBs and enterprises having up to 200 branch offices.

The open source solution is free to download and develop from

The new Cyberoam iView appliance enables organizations to gain complete visibility into network activity with real-time security and access reports related to top virus attacks, spam recipients, and Web users, reinforcing organization-wide network security and data confidentiality. The appliance also offers archiving to meet forensic requirements.

The Cyberoam iView appliances offer single-point logging and reporting of all network devices. With a cost-effective, pre-loaded hardware device that holds terabyte-storage space, the appliances are quick to deploy and easy to manage. Using RAID technology, these appliances offer redundancy and high levels of storage reliability, ensuring the safety of logs and reports in case of a hard disk failure.

More information is available at

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