MEGA Introduces Collaboration Tool for Enterprise Architecture

New workflow tool automates change management

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MEGA has introduced MEGA TeamWork, a new software product that allows teams in organizations to work collaboratively to change, review, and validate business processes, assets, architectures, and resources.

MEGA TeamWork is a workflow tool, the newest product in the company’s MEGA Suite. It provides enterprise architecture (EA) management through a structured and customizable process for change management through circulation of information (such as requests for change) and notifications for review and validation, without relying solely on overburdened email or other non-integrated, inadequate communications means such as external macros (that quickly become lost, broken, or outdated), or wikis.

“MEGA TeamWork insures optimum governance of a company’s business and enterprise architecture because it integrates the change management process within the MEGA Suite,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO of MEGA. “MEGA TeamWork will replace enterprises’ efforts to support workflow-based collaboration with endeavors that are separate from the core EA activity and can never provide complete collaboration.”

Because today’s workers are distributed among multiple sites and represent different business needs, it is challenging to coordinate a team. Business analysts, solution architects, project staff, and managers who must validate work need effective collaboration methods. This is also true for executives who need to monitor progress, trigger changes in company processes or assets, and discuss up-to-the-minute information with other decision makers.

Because of its full integration within the MEGA Suite, MEGA TeamWork allows all stakeholders to be a part of the change management process, either within the modeling environment or via a standard Web browser.

MEGA TeamWork will reduce the time and risks inherent in managing change in the company’s enterprise architecture, and improve the traceability of changes. It provides an audit trail of each change and the graphical representation of the process leading to changes. It also controls circulation and review processes within project teams and among external stakeholders.

MEGA TeamWork helps teams:

  • Circulate repository content change, review them, and approve requests through automated workflows
  • Track and document change processes and decisions
  • Use notifications to communicate change events to those involved
  • View the status of all tasks through task lists and assignments for each person on the team

MEGA TeamWork is available now. More information is available at

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