Shunra’s Virtual Enterprise Suite Helps Engineers Predict Transaction Response Times

Improve end-user application experience, improve service-level agreement performance

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Shunra Software released Virtual Enterprise (VE) Suite v6.1 with enhancements that enable performance and network engineers to better predict transaction response times of business-critical, data-intensive, or mobile applications on their network. Additionally, this release includes a new add-on software module VE Bandwidth Catcher Lite, delivering an accurate, real-world view into how bandwidth availability will impact application performance. For a limited time, this new add-on module can be downloaded for free.

"Shunra is committed to delivering best-in-class application performance testing tools that help IT professionals ensure successful application deployments and high end-user satisfaction", explains Gene Litt, Sr. Director of Product Strategy & Management. "It seems that every week there’s news about some major network application outage. Pre-deployment application testing with network conditions helps avoid these situations. Shunra’s latest release will bring dynamic bandwidth conditions into your testing lab which is critical if testing applications that run over the Internet, data-intensive applications or mobile applications."

IT teams testing applications on mobile networks can now understand how they will perform and scale prior to deployment by using VE Suite v6.1. Live testing of applications using a variety of mobile devices through different mobile service providers has its limitations. Existing lab solutions can help test across multiple mobile devices, but they lack the ability to recreate the various mobile service types and air interference conditions. Shunra’s innovative VE Multi-Points add-on module emulates mobile network conditions for tens, or thousands, of mobile users, all within a controlled lab environment.

Further, customers can now save their organizations the cost and embarrassment of deploying applications that have performance issues, or fail, due to bandwidth constraints. Due to IT budget constraints, network capacity planning needs to be scientific, and requires the ability to understand and predict how network traffic levels will impact application performance. VE Bandwidth Catcher Lite provides the ability to measure and record WAN conditions that can then be ‘played back’ using Shunra’s VE STA appliance dynamic bandwidth emulation capability. Users can leverage VE Bandwidth Catcher Lite to record latency, packet loss and bandwidth availability between two points on a network.

Finally, customers can easily extend their return on investment by letting other teams leverage Shunra’s performance testing simultaneously, increasing overall usage and productivity of Shunra’s solutions. With the VE Advanced Multi-User add-on module, customers can easily extend their return on investment by letting other teams leverage testing simultaneously, increasing overall usage and productivity of Shunra’s solutions. This also enables better utilization independent modeling and reporting environments across multiple concurrent users.

Current VE Suite customers can upgrade to VE Suite v6.1. For a limited time, users can download VE Bandwidth Catcher Lite for free at

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