Vondle Live Integrates Project, Data Management into IBM LotusLive

Available in Pro and Basic versions

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Bricsys, the company that developed Vondle, a cloud-based project and data management system, has integrated Vondle Live into IBM LotusLive. This integration will be available in two versions: Vondle Live Basic and Vondle Live Pro.

“This is an excellent opportunity for us to bring our cloud technology to the largest professional platform,” said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “This integration brings a whole set of new functionality to our customers, and at the same time gives the new functionality of project and data management to IBM LotusLive users.”

Vondle Live Basic

The Basic version adds the Vondle Live Viewer and Vondle Repository to the already-extended feature set of IBM LotusLive without modifying the social computing paradigm of IBM LotusLive. The Vondle Live Viewer enables users to view very large files (over 50Mb) in just a few seconds, and annotates the files in a user-friendly way.

Additionally, Vondle Live Viewer adds more then 50 file formats that can be viewed in IBM LotusLive Meetings. The Vondle Live Repository can connect with other databases and exchange data via a secure Internet connection. The Data Repository allows users to create tables, create forms with a drag and drop GUI, create SQL queries with a special wizard, as well as generate reports. Data in the Vondle Live Repository can be visualized in IBM LotusLive Charts.

Vondle Live Pro

Vondle Live Pro includes the full Vondle functionality and adds the project-centric approach needed for project and data management. Access rights are managed by the Vondle administrators and sub-administrators. Version control, logging of actions, and keeping track of full history, are standard functions. Additionally, workflows can be created by drawing the workflow chart.

Vondle Live Pro uses ODEP technology (Orchestrated Data Exchange Processing). The combination of Vondle Live workflow and Repository and connectors with other databases allows users to automatically update dynamic reports that were created with live data in the repository and external databases.

All features of Vondle Live are accessible by the Open Standard SOAP API. Third-party application developers can now use this API to create new applications and add them to the LotusLive platform.

More information is available at www.bricsys.com/vondlelive.

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