Updated NetCharts Performance Dashboards Eliminates Copy/Paste/Assemble Mentality

Frees financial end-users to become strategic business advisors

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Visual Mining, a business intelligence (BI) dashboard and data visualization solution developer, has released NetCharts Performance Dashboards (NCPD) v2.0. Designed for business end-users as an easier method to explore and understand data, this major release enables less technical users to build BI dashboards that incorporate sophisticated analysis and reporting features.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards v2.0 offers a clean and simple interface that combines unique and powerful analysis features with ease-of-use for a superior end-user experience. NCPD is a powerful solution that allows IT staff to focus on data integrity and end-users to focus on the data.

NCPD brings general ledger, HR, payroll, CRM, and data from other sources together for a single, central version of the truth. NCPD v2.0 delivers autonomy and clarity for CFOs and financial professionals.

NCPD users will improve their efficiency by eliminating the “copy, paste, and assemble (CPA)” routine while increasing their effectiveness by understanding the business drivers through a combination of new features that include:

  • Powerful reporting components that allow for user defined calculations, subtotals, and grouping of data
  • Single click changes to the dimension charted (i.e., months to quarters or departments to accounts)
  • Instant pivoting of multidimensional tables with a simple “drag and drop”
  • Single-click formatting for column and rows
  • User-defined, row-level visual alerting
  • Single-click column sorting within tables
  • Auto-preview of chart types within dashboards

“With NCPD v2.0, finance and accounting professionals will spend less time collecting and aggregating data in Excel, and more time analyzing and understanding their data and the business drivers. The result is more proactive decision making that will lead to better business results throughout the organization,” said Tristan Ziegler, CPA, president and CEO of Visual Mining.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards is offered with a money-back guarantee. A free evaluation copy of NCPD is available at www.visualmining.com.

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