Netezza’s New Skimmer Appliance Extends Analytics throughout the Enterprise

Data warehouse and analytic appliance family grows with introduction of new system

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Netezza Corporation, a data warehouse and analytic appliances provider, is now shipping its Netezza Skimmer data warehouse appliance, the latest addition to the company’s family of industry leading analytic appliances. The Skimmer appliance features a compact footprint and can power development groups and data marts or serve as a platform for “application appliances” that is easy to deploy and manage.

The Netezza Skimmer appliance’s technology comes from the technology that powers the Netezza TwinFin; a software streaming architecture integrated with Netezza’s database accelerator and industry standard blade servers.

“In August 2009, Netezza reset the bar on price-performance in the data warehouse industry with the introduction of its TwinFin appliance. Today, the new Skimmer appliance brings the simplicity and performance of our technology to our partners, small organizations, and departments at an affordable cost,” said Jim Baum, president and CEO of Netezza.

Netezza anticipates that its partners will leverage the Netezza Skimmer appliance within their offerings to create application appliances. For example, in September 2009, Kalido announced the Kalido KONA Information Appliance -- a full-featured, pre-built, and customizable information delivery solution -- running on Netezza appliances. Kalido KONA will be offered as vertically oriented appliances for industries such as pharmaceuticals and insurance that are based upon the Skimmer appliance.

The Skimmer appliance is the third in a family of next-generation appliances from Netezza that includes the TwinFin appliance announced in August 2009 and the Netezza Retail Analytic Appliance (RAA) announced earlier this month. By allowing analytics to be more richly embedded and deployed throughout the enterprise, data-driven decisions and strategies can be used by team members, partners and suppliers to maintain competitive advantage.

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