RecoverGuard 5.0 Helps Enterprises Ensure Business Continuity

Updated version eliminates configuration drift; customers can track, remedy violations, breaches, and risks faster, more easily

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Continuity Software, a disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) management solutions provider, is releasing RecoverGuard version 5.0. Features include additional functionality and enhancements to service-level agreement (SLA) management, cluster support, the graphical user interface (GUI), HA/DR risk detection, configuration management database (CMDB) systems integration, Microsoft Active Directory support, and reporting capabilities.

RecoverGuard v5.0 delivers an end-to-end solution for validating and assuring both recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO), enabling customers to fully ensure business continuity.

RecoverGuard’s new functionality and enhancements include:

  • SLA Management: Highly detailed graphical overview of SLA compliance enables customers to balance the business criticality of each application against its associated expense; customers can quickly and easily establish required levels of protection, define policies, and then track and remedy violations/breaches/risks

  • Extended Cluster Support: Out-of-the-box support now provided for Microsoft Failover Cluster, IBM PowerHA, HP Serviceguard, Solaris Cluster, Linux clusters and HP PolyServe.

  • HA/DR Risk Signatures: Over 800 new risk signatures added to the database

  • CMDB Systems Integration: Bi-directional integration with all major CMDB

  • Microsoft Active Directory: RecoverGuard now fully integrates with Active Directory to provide unified user management

  • Reporting: Extended host configuration, database storage utilization, and NetApp filer replication reporting now included

RecoverGuard software offers comprehensive, enterprise-class, high-availability and disaster-recovery vulnerability detection for both physical and virtualized environments. It can identify cross-platform data protection risks, deliver high-availability validation, and help optimize resources and performance. RecoverGuard includes over 3,500 risk signatures in a dynamic, auto-updated knowledgebase (approximately 100 new signatures are added each month). RecoverGard offers data-protection validation, server OS configuration analysis, cluster-configuration validation, and HA/DR optimization – and supports heterogeneous platforms.

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