New Software Turns Windows Server into High-Performance iSCSI SAN

Software-only iSCSI Target fully conforms to the latest iSCSI Standard 1.0

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KernSafe Technologies, Inc. has released iStorage Server 1.5, iSCSI-targeted software which turns any industry-standard x86, x64, or Itanium Windows server into a high-performance iSCSI SAN. The new release provides support for Microsoft Virtual Disk File (VHD) and VHD snapshots.

KernSafe iStorage Server is a software-only iSCSI Target that fully conforms to the latest iSCSI Standard 1.0 (former Draft 20). It is an IP-SAN solution that allows the quick export of existing storage content such as disk images, physical disks, partitions, CD/DVD-ROMs, tapes, or any other type of SCSI-based devices (including a variety of popular CD/DVD images) to the client machines. The software allows storage to be consolidated, virtualized, and centrally managed. iStorage Server also provides RAID-1 (mirror) feature enabling creation of two iSCSI devices for mirror backup.

Because it is hardware-independent, iStorage Server can create an IP SAN within a few minutes using existing hardware. iStorage Server takes space on a Windows file system and turns it into an iSCSI target, so any computer on an Ethernet network can use the storage. Additionally, iStorage Server provides support for multiple connections per iSCSI session, allowing creation of Round Robin and Weighted Paths. The software allows an unlimited number of hard disks, CPUs or CPU cores, and Ethernet ports; there are no disk capacity or RAM restrictions.

iStorage Server delivers the following key features:

  • Security disks for each client
  • Advanced cache algorithm improving data transfer speed and response time
  • CHAP authentication mechanism and IP address authentication mechanism
  • Support for a wide range of popular CD/DVD image formats, such as: .iso, .bin, .mdf, .cdi, .b5i, .nrg, .ccd, .sub, .img, .raw
  • Active Directory-integrated local and remote management console
  • iSCSI Target portal address management to allow working behind a firewall
  • Full support for SCSI-2 Reserve/Release and SCSI-3 Persistent Reserve

iStorage Server is available now. Prices range from $99.95 to $599.95. more information is available at

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