Video: Disaster Recovery and CA (Interview)

An inside look at changes in the disaster recovery planning process and CA's goals in developing decision support products.

In this interview, recorded for the C-4 Summit Cyberspace Edition, Eric Pitcher, VP of technology strategy for Islandia, NY-based CA, discusses changes in the disaster recovery planning process and the goals of CA in developing decision support products to support planners.

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He surveys the data protection product line from CA and describes how they can be applied to create discrete service levels that align with specific business application recovery requirements.

CA ARCserve, the flagship product in CA's data protection suite, has recently been updated, Pitcher says, to "solve real customer problems" beyond expanded support for this or that hardware or software component. ARCserve has a software virtual tape library (VTL), a data de-duplication engine, and storage resource management (SRM) functionality that can help DR planners improve their backup process.

CA XOsoft, Pitcher explains, extends the technology for hardware agnostic server/storage mirroring to companies who could not afford it in the past. He describes how backup and replication can be integrated to improve restore timeframes.

CA's data protection product architecture, he says, is about enabling choices for consumers. You can hear the rest of his interview at the C-4 Project

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