Criterion HPS Introduces High-Performance Solutions Platform

Designed to reduce total cost of enterprise computing; addresses power, space, cooling challenges

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Criterion HPS Inc. has released Phantom, a computationally dense smart-computing platform with a 64-bit, highly parallel architecture that allows enterprises to overcome the power, space, and cooling challenges. Phantom provides green technology that supports computationally intensive workloads without growing the data center footprint.

The Criterion HPS Phantom provides processing improvements and acquisition and operational cost savings. Originally developed for a federal government agency, Criterion HPS has expanded the Phantom's capabilities and partnered with leading software vendors to create appliance-based solutions to meet the computational needs of both public and private sector organizations.

The Criterion HPS Phantom delivers more than 1 TFLOP of processing power through 24 processing cores, up to 16 TB of internal storage, and 192 GB of RAM in a 5.25"x17"x19" form factor that weighs roughly 50 pounds. The Phantom requires a single 110V/20Amp circuit pulling less than 650 watts of power resulting in heat output of approximately 23oo BTUs -- less than a standard hair dryer.

Built with state-of-the-art COTS components and the latest Intel CPU architecture, the Phantom's scalability and modular design allows enterprises to easily and economically increase performance and capacity to address growing computing requirements.

The Phantom has been tested in a number of diverse use cases ranging from transforming data center applications and processing genome threads to speeding up password cracking and flying in reconnaissance vehicles to support fusion, analysis, and processing of intelligence information.

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