KEMP Technologies Releases Inexpensive, Feature-rich Load Balancer

Priced at $1,590, which includes support for first year, LoadMaster 2000 makes load-balancing benefits available to businesses of any size

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KEMP Technologies has announced an affordable, feature-rich load balancer. Priced at $1,590, the KEMP LoadMaster 2000 includes the first year of support. Its high-performance features are optimized for IT Web and application infrastructure.

Many businesses, especially smaller businesses, that see the need for assuring availability and performance of their Web sites and services, have not purchased a load balancer because of high prices. The LoadMaster 2000 removes the price barrier and offers the same core features and support as KEMP’s higher-end products such as integrated SSL acceleration, caching, compression, and Layer-7 functionality.

The LoadMaster 2000 intelligently and efficiently distributes user traffic among Web and application servers to ensure users gain the best experience possible. IT administrators’ obtain greater control to easily adapt to network changes by providing a resource optimization layer in front of applications and servers. KEMP’s LoadMaster 2000 optimizes Web infrastructure with 24/7 availability, high-performance, flexible scalability, and secure operations while streamlining IT costs. Additionally, the LoadMaster optimizes and accelerates user access to diverse servers, content, and transaction-based systems.

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