Micro Focus Releases New Remote Development Option

Solution enables companies to improve application development productivity and speed while reducing costs for remote development, debugging, testing

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Micro Focus has released Micro Focus Server Express Remote Development Option (RDO), a new option for its development platform that helps slash time and costs for companies building or maintaining Micro Focus COBOL applications for deployment on UNIX and Linux servers.

Using Micro Focus Server Express RDO, customers can remotely develop, debug, and test core COBOL applications in an Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This eliminates expensive and tedious manual development processes and frees up valuable IT resources. The new solution enables customers to keep COBOL programs and the source code on the target server, removing the costly and time-consuming need to transfer code between the development environment and the UNIX or Linux server on which the application will be tested and run.

Micro Focus Server Express Remote Development Option enables developers to create and maintain applications on a remote server while sitting on a local machine, according to Peter Anderton, product solutions director, application development at Micro Focus. “Development projects that once took several days to complete can now be finished in mere hours, with customers seeing tenfold productivity gains in the development process. This allows customers to greatly reduce costs and enables IT staffs to redeploy personnel for more strategic initiatives. At the same time, RDO brings customers one step closer to developing applications remotely for deployment directly on the cloud.”

Micro Focus Server Express RDO combines a high-performance, workstation-based IDE with support for the entire edit/compile/debug cycle on Linux or UNIX servers. It features standard Eclipse functionality so Eclipse developers can immediately take advantage of the solution while enabling non-COBOL developers to quickly develop and modernize existing COBOL assets on UNIX or Linux servers.

The Server Express RDO solution includes a set of lightweight client plug-ins for Eclipse that communicate with the Remote Development Server (RDS). The RDS uses the COBOL server and Server Express functionality to execute builds and provide debug services while source code remains on the server, accessed via the Eclipse IDE. Server Express RDO uses a single application interface throughout the edit-compile-debug process, eliminating the requirement of learning to navigate multiple interfaces.

More information is available at www.microfocus.com/eclipse.

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