Embarcadero ToolCloud Simplifies Software Tools Access, Manageability, Deployment

ToolCloud provides on-demand access, centralized management of Embarcadero products for greater IT efficiency

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Application developers and data management professionals will enjoy faster and easier access to the software tools they need while reducing the costs and time associated with managing software tool licenses thanks to Embarcadero ToolCloud.

Built on Embarcadero’s license server technology, the ToolCloud is lightweight, on-premise server software that enables administrators to centrally provision and manage Embarcadero tools, set, and enforce licensing and access policies and deploy tools on-demand to users on their network. The ToolCloud also offers InstantOn across all Embarcadero products so users can access the full range of tools they need, when they need them, on demand with no friction and no installation is required on their local desktops.

Embarcadero ToolCloud transforms tools access and management for both users and administrators. It offers license management and usage reporting, guarantees compliance by enforcing licensing policies, and enables users to run multiple versions of the same tool side-by-side without conflict. The ToolCloud capabilities are standard with network-named and network concurrent licenses of Embarcadero All-Access and are also available for individual Embarcadero products such as DBArtisan, ER/Studio, Rapid SQL, Delphi, and C++Builder.

“Most sizable IT organizations have to manage hundreds, if not thousands, of software licenses for their IT teams,” said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of marketing and products, Embarcadero Technologies. “Many report that it can cost more to manage these tools than to buy them in the first place. The ToolCloud enables organizations to centrally manage their Embarcadero tools and simplify deployment. With the ToolCloud and InstantOn, technologists get on-demand access to the many tools they need to solve critical tasks, while reducing the costs associated with deploying and managing these tools.”

Embarcadero ToolCloud offers:

  • On-Demand Access: The ToolCloud delivers tools on-demand via InstantOn, so users can “click-and-run” Embarcadero tools when they need them and run them on local desktops with no installation and no application or DLL conflicts. Organizations can save hundreds of hours by not having to keep desktops up to date with the proper tool configurations. InstantOn saves valuable time and allows instant operation in locked-down desktop environments where installing software is problematic.

  • Usage Reporting and Intelligence: The ToolCloud provides usage tracking by user, products, and groups so administrators know how many licenses are being used, when, and by whom.

  • Simplified License Management: Centralized license management dramatically simplifies license management by providing one place to administer all tool licenses. It also provides complete control over who can access which software licenses and administrators can easily reallocate licenses and make changes.

  • Reduced Costs: Save money by centralizing and simplifying software licensing by not having to keep desktops up to date with the proper tool configurations and by avoiding overbuying licenses.

  • Access to Multiple Versions of a Tool: The ToolCloud manages InstantOn versions so end users can access older versions of tools to support older versions of databases and applications and run multiple versions without installation or desktop conflicts, saving time and frustration by avoiding time-consuming installs and uninstalls of multiple product versions.

More information is available at www.embarcadero.com/solutions/tools-management.

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