Art of Defence Extends Distributed Web Application Firewall to the Cloud

Hyperguard SaaS Standard offers Web application security monitoring, detection-only, and protection modes.

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Art of Defence, a distributed Web application firewall (dWAF) provider, announced its cloud-based SaaS solution, hyperguard SaaS; it is available through the GoGrid Cloud. GoGrid customers can access hyperguard SaaS by deploying a GoGrid Partner Server Image (GSI) with hyperguard SaaS installed.

By integrating a dWAF into a virtual image and hosted as a SaaS, customers overcome the false sense of security created by traditional network perimeter security strategies which fail at the application level.

The first of several service levels to be released, hyperguard SaaS Standard offers users Web application security monitoring, detection-only, and protection modes. Hyperguard’s SaaS delivery model allows customers to a pay-by-use basis and avoid having to invest in owning and maintaining a solution themselves. For a limited time, art of defence and GoGrid will offer a $100 GoGrid credit to test the service. Full details for the solution and the promotion can be found

Key hyperguard SaaS features include:

  • Web application security monitoring enables customers to understand the risk and exposure of their cloud applications to known attacks at the application layer without hyperguard SaaS Standard interfering with Web traffic

  • Detection only mode allows rule-sets to be tested but not enforced, along with rule-sets in protection mode that enforce already proven security policies

  • Hyperguard SaaS Standard is ideally suited for GoGrid customers who want application-level protection beyond the network layer for their cloud offerings

  • For companies relying on the GoGrid Cloud for application overflow resources, hyperguard SaaS Standard defends users’ custom applications on the cloud.

More information and a free trial of hyperguard’s SaaS offerings are available at

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