Updated GoAnywhere Director Securely Transfers, Converts Data

Version 3.0 adds S/MIME digital signatures and encryption for e-mail, more business-process controls

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GoAnywhere Director, an enterprise solution for managed file transfers, includes a full suite of processes to securely transfer and convert data with detailed auditing and message alerts. Using GoAnywhere Director, customers can connect to almost any system or trading partner using a wide variety of standard protocols including FTP, SFTP (SSH), SCP, FTPS (SSL/TLS), HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. It also supports standard Open PGP and ZIP with AES encryption for securing sensitive documents.

This latest version incorporates S/MIME digital signatures and encryption for e-mail, support for secure copy protocol (SCP), automatic processing of inbound e-mail, enhanced logging, and version controls to streamline customer upgrades. Excel 2007 translation is also supported in version 3.0, in addition to its ability to read and write Excel 2003, CSV, XML, and fixed-width text documents, eliminating the need for other file-translation software.

Version 3.0 introduces more business-process controls, including support for multi-part conditional statements, loops, delay operations, complex variables, and advanced error-handling logic. This allows customers to set up sophisticated projects in GoAnywhere Director for multi-step processing of files, eliminating manual intervention and custom programming/scripts. For instance, a single project could be defined to loop/scan and retrieve files from a FTP server, decrypt those files, then parse and import their contents into a database. Errors can be easily monitored and routed to send alerts or call other processes.

GoAnywhere Director also interfaces with popular database systems including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, Sybase and MySQL databases. This allows customers to easily extract data from their corporate databases to securely share it with their trading partners, as well as the ability to pump incoming data into their tables automatically.

No programming or special technical skills are required to use GoAnywhere Director. A graphical interface is provided for remote administration and monitoring from any browser or internet-enabled phone. Projects in GoAnywhere Director can be launched from a variety of third-party applications, schedulers, and languages including CL, RPG, Java, C, .NET, and PHP.

GoAnywhere Director can be installed on several platforms, including IBM System i, IBM System p (AIX), IBM System z (Mainframe), Windows, Linux, UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, and Solaris platforms. Pricing starts at $3,995.

More information and a free, fully-functional trial of GoAnywhere Director is available at www.GoAnywhereMFT.com.

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