Irdeto’s Cloakware Password Authority Improves Usability, Scheduling Flexibility

Product safeguards businesses against insider attacks

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Irdeto, a content and business-model protection solutions and services provider, has enhanced its Cloakware Password Authority (CPA) offering. The privileged password management solution now provides customers with improved usability, greater job scheduling flexibility, easier tracking of password access and change activity, “click to connect” to target systems, and expanded application client coverage.

Increases in existing capacity utilization continue to fuel industry trends toward virtualization of the data center and use of cloud-based computing platforms. These changes pose new challenges for CISOs who must ensure regulatory compliance and protection of critical digital assets. Cloakware Password Authority helps enterprises maintain effective and efficient privileged password management for human and programmatic access to critical data and systems.

As internal data breaches and worker dissatisfaction continue to make headlines, privileged access management is becoming a higher priority for enterprises and small- to medium-sized businesses alike. Companies have now seen firsthand the significant consequences that may result from not implementing these types of solutions. On January 8, 2010, Heartland Payment Systems agreed to a settlement of $60 million payable to Visa for credit and debit cardholder losses resulting from a data breach in 2008. Additionally, the Ponemon Institute's annual study reported that the average total cost of a data breach topped $200 per customer record in 2009.and overall organization cost per incident climbed to $6.75 million.

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