Limelight Networks Unveils New Enterprise Services

Web site acceleration service, high-performance storage among offerings

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Limelight Networks, Inc. has introduced new and upgraded services designed for financial, public sector, and enterprise IT departments and operators of e-commerce storefronts.

New enterprise services from Limelight Networks include:

  • A next-generation version of Limelight Site

  • A new Content Storage solution supporting incremental storage upgrades

  • A Traffic Balancer solution for distributing site traffic

  • An enhanced version of Limelight Reach for mobile delivery

  • New features in Limelight Control that improve visibility and customization

Each new service introduced today fully supports Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

The Limelight Site Web acceleration service provides a consistent Web experience from any location. The latest version of this service offers more control over cache management, SSL support, increased failover options, and integrated content security options. The service includes Origin Direct technology, which accelerates traffic by routing it over Limelight’s private, network-based infrastructure.. This enables consistent, high-fidelity performance of static, dynamic, personalized, and rich media content.

Debuting with Site is Content Storage -- Limelight’s new, high-performance CDN storage architecture. This service provides customers with a virtual continuous environment for storing content. Instead of requiring new hardware for every customer upgrade, the Content Storage service offers a modular solution that spans multiple servers for improved scalability.

Traffic Balancer, a new service, offers customers a way to distribute site traffic among multiple origin sources and multiple content delivery service providers. The Traffic Balancer service works at the DNS level to allocate traffic dynamically based on customer parameters.

The Limelight Reach mobility service adds support for enterprises and retailer environments. The solution uses Limelight’s intelligent auto-detection technology to distribute properly formatted rich media content to almost any mobile or connected device. Reach can: deliver optimized content to a trusted mobile device; deliver on-demand video to a mobile handset; or provide a rich-media experience to mobile customers.

Limelight Networks has also introduced a technology preview of a framework for edge computing-as-a-managed-service. Using the massive processing capacity available in Limelight’s dense regional server clusters, along with programmable, virtual environments called “stacks,” customers will be able to execute real-time code right at the network edge. Each stack provides virtualization technologies to contain individual applications and ensure consistent allocation of resources.

All customers are supported by the Control management and reporting portal, which provides visibility into their online businesses and control of Limelight Networks services. Through Control, customers can create custom reports for site traffic, top URLs, most-requested content, storage usage, sub-accounts, or by content “tag.” They can also set real-time alerts or use a Web services (SOAP) interface to export data into their own analytics systems. Through the self-provisioning tool, customers can add or manage their delivery services, upload or purge content, and add administrators to their account.

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