BDNA IT Genome Center Targets IT Waste

Company also releases Technopedia, a comprehensive IT encyclopedia

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BDNA has unveiled the IT Genome Center, a suite of enterprise products and services designed to help eliminate IT waste by discovering, normalizing, and enriching IT data. The IT Genome Center uses Technopedia, a catalog of nearly 700,000 market data points about almost 200,000 IT products, available on demand at

According to industry analysts, 80 percent of IT spending goes toward internal costs and only 20 percent to growth. The IT Genome Center helps CIOs eliminate up to 75 percent of IT waste and free budgets for innovation. The IT Genome Center has three core components:

  • BDNA Discover combines agent-less, high-speed discovery, verification technology, and corporate ownership information, to create a trusted, complete record of IT assets, delivering transparency and insight into the IT behind the business

  • BDNA Normalize transforms raw data, consisting of hardware and software information from various enterprise discovery tools, into actionable information, to highlight waste and other inefficiencies
  • BDNA Enrich aligns current market data with discovered data to give organizations the complete information required to support strategic initiatives including green IT, data center consolidation, upgrades, or license compliance., the online portal providing on-demand access to this catalog of IT information, offers free basic discovery tools and specialized content and services.

BDNA's IT encyclopedia is “uncoupled from any proprietary tool, and we've made it easily accessible to end users and partners,” said Amit Golan, vice president of products for BDNA.

The IT Genome Center is being launched with 10 reusable Sequences (focus points of analysis), organized by vendor and solution area. Enterprises can browse Technopedia, request additional information, and download a free, fully functional copy of BDNA Discover from

Sequences are priced as term or perpetual licenses, by number of assets. An average entry-level price point for 1,000 desktops and 100 servers with two Sequences is $15,000. BDNA’s pricing is dependent upon the number of assets (hardware and software) involved as well as the number of Sequences to be used, representing how much of the Technopedia the customer is interested in acquiring. When consuming Technopedia-based services, such as BDNA Enrich or BDNA Normalize, a customer pays for each service engagement according to this model.

More information is available at

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